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‚ÄčResearch Related to People with Disabilities

When the Kennedy Foundation was established, there were no facilities with any degree of excellence for the study of intellectual disabilities. Over the past thirty years, beginning with the establishment of Kennedy Centers for improved diagnosis and treatment of intellectual disabilities in Brighton, MA and Santa Monica, CA; research, training, and clinical centers have been established with the encouragement and support of the Kennedy Foundation at Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, George Peabody College (now Vanderbilt University), Einstein College of Medicine, the University of Colorado, and the University of Miami.

These basic and clinical research centers have developed many advanced diagnostic and treatment protocols. Treatments for different disabilities have been studied including ones for Downs Syndrome, AIDS, fetal cocaine exposure, and brain asphyxia.

Kennedy Foundation Work:

The Foundation has funded institutes, schools, and centers for the diagnosis, treatment, and education of children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, California, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC.