This Policy Guide was developed to provide an orientation about public policy work with and on behalf of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The website is designed for use by Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Public Policy Fellows and others new to the field of public policy and intellectual and related disabilities.

The Guide provides information and articles about making federal policy, including the federal budget process. It briefly describes key Congressional committees, Executive branch agencies, federal legislation and judicial decisions that are, in our judgment, the most significant for people with disabilities. It also lists a number of stakeholder and constituent groups that work with and on behalf of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

The Table of Contents page for the Policy Guide will link you to the information and documents contained in the website. You can print any document on this website including the Table of Contents. Click on the specific document you wish to view. For the PDF documents, you need to install Adobe Reader on your computer. If you do not already have it, you can download it at http://www.adobe.com.



You are free to share any of the information from this website. Please be certain to give proper credit to the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation or the original author of any document that you share.

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the work of Rhoda Schulzinger who assembled the original Policy Guide. In addition, we want to thank Marty Ford, Matthew Janicki, Liz Savage, Julie Ward and Jane West who served as reviewers, and Erika Hagensen who served as editor of the revised version. Other comments were received from 2008 Kennedy Public Policy Fellows: Paulette Acevedo, Robert Rudney and Thomas Webb. A special thanks to Robert "Bobby" Silverstein for allowing us to adapt and use some of his previous work.

Material for the Policy Manual was originally compiled in summer/fall 2008 and revised in January, 2010. We intend to update it periodically. There may be inadvertent omissions or misstatements. Readers may share comments or suggestions with the Foundation by contacting Steven Eidelman, Eidelman@jpkf.org.